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East Bergholt Community Land Trust

Partners working with East Bergholt Community Land Trust to deliver homes

  Community Land Trust East

CLT East is an umbrella organisation in the East of England, registered with the National CLT Network, and set up to help local communities acquire assets which they retain in perpetuity via an ‘asset-lock’. By establishing what a community wants for itself – often affordable housing but it could be saving the local pub or shop, keeping the school open, or providing recreational facilities – we work with them to ensure that the development is appropriate to their needs, in keeping with what is already there and provide advice on how that they can safeguard their community and see it survive and thrive.

CLT East also help individual CLT groups in their engagement with their local communities and in supporting their dialogue with everyone in the wider community; talking to them about the need, the designs and the plans; encouraging individuals to become members of their local CLT and through consultation helping to make sure that the design of schemes are as widely accepted as possible.

CLT East is pleased to be working with East Bergholt Community Land Trust and has already provided grants to help establish this organisation. They look forward to a successful and rewarding partnership together.

  Babergh District Council

Babergh District Council’s Housing Enabling team is pleased to support and advise EBCH on their community-led housing ambitions to provide housing that is affordable to local people. In Babergh the cost of an average home is over 9 times the average income, so for households looking to buy or rent, affordability is a real problem.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have successfully secured funding through the Community Housing Fund which is a Government scheme to help offset the impact of second home ownership on local housing markets and to help where the affordability of homes is beyond the reach of people on local average incomes.

The Council through its Housing Enabling offer and its Communities Team, helps to provide information and signposting to Parish and Town Councils to equip local communities with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact on their local communities. These include how to carry out housing needs surveys, how to register for affordable housing, working with housing associations and how to access funding for special projects.

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